Online textbook studies before class

Implementation Example

Use an existing online tutorial for students to learn the syntax of a programming language so that class time can be used for activities that make them apply what they learn from the tutorial to example scenarios. This is especially useful when the focus of the course is not on teaching the specific language, but rather on using the language to solve problems relevant to the course. 

Example 1: Interactive C++ tutorial 

In Introduction to Operating Systems and Networking class, students are required to read and work through an interactive C++ tutorial which explains one concept and then follows it up with a series of interactive questions. After completing the tutorial, students are required to complete a quiz that ensures they have read the tutorial. In class, students work on programming assignments that require them to use C++.

Example 2: MySQL tutorial
In Database Systems class students are required to read and work through a MySQL tutorial to learn about various MySQL statements and clauses. Students are required to use the “Try it Out” links embedded within the tutorial to try out syntax that they learn on a sample database.

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