Course Evaluation

Student course evaluations are important to the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) because they provide us a way of collecting student perceptions about our courses and what students think are successful teaching practices. As a result of the pedagogical and organizational changes, we saw the need to reframe students’ role as more than evaluating their learning of the course content and restructured student course evaluations. We have redesigned the course evaluation instrument to reflect pedagogy and convey a new organizational value of teaching to students, faculty, and CCI’s administration.

Below is the updated course evaluation:

Likert-type questions (5-point scale: 1=strongly disagree to 5= strongly agree):

  1. Overall, I learned a lot in this course. (University required)
  2. Overall, this instructor was effective in teaching. (University required)
  3. The climate of this class promotes learning.
  4. I have a deeper understanding of the concepts because of this course.
  5. I find the skills/knowledge gained in the course relevant to my future.
  6. I found this class engaging.
  7. Most of the topics in this course were new to me.

Open-ended comments:

  1. List strengths of the course and/or of the instructor:
  2. Suggest areas for improvement of the course and/or instruction method:
  3. What could you have done to improve your learning?
  4. Other observations, comments, or suggestions

Student Background questions:

  1. Course in your major: (1) Yes (2) No
  2. Why you took course: (1) Required (2) Convenient (3) Interested (4) Instructor (5) Other
  3. What type of student: (1) Full-time (2) Part-time